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    Professional film/video making. Graduated directors and cameramen.

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    Preproduction and postproduction on our own professional digital cine/video equipment.

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More about us

Our projects and opportunities.

First of all, we are NOT an outsourcing company working in the field of film and video production! We do not involve external companies and resources to work on projects, since our studio is completely independent and has all the necessary professional film and video equipment and human resources, which is significantly reduces the cost of the finished project, in contrast to the proposals of many other companies, issuing the same quality, but forced to hire people and rent equipment from outside.

We are always glad to new acquaintances, please subscribe to our page on Instagram @btometastudio, and Facebook, it can be that it is your type that we are looking for the future video or movie project.

Our professional services.

Professional film / video shooting of any projects from documentary and presentation films to wedding celebrations and LoveStory in Full HD format (1920x1080) and 4K UltraHD (3860x2160, 4096x2160), professional sound recording during shooting and post-production, as well as panoramic aerial cinematography on a quadrocopter with a height of up to 500 meters. Please see the с list and prices of the studio services.

Documentary and Presentation Films.

Production of documentaries on any subject. Films-portraits - the best gift for the anniversary of a loved one. Presentation video - can be demonstrated at business negotiations, seminars, exhibitions, presentations - a convenient format for companies and organizations.

Image, Social and Promo videos.

Image video film is used to promote and maintain the company's brand. The social video draws attention to the problem that is pressing for society, and also enhances the image of the organization. Promo video - a short presentation, an advertising and information film, focusing on the advantages and benefits.

Music videos, Events, Backstage.

Music clips with a choice of locations on the theme of the song. Shooting events from multiple cameras, using a crane, editing during filming. If you are already shooting your project, we can make a professional backstage (a video about the process of filming, the film behind the scenes).

Video advertising.

For today it is already impossible to imagine a successful business without the using of advertising tools. Video advertising is one of the most effective means of interacting with the target audience.

Love Story, Weddings, Video invitations.

Love story - a mini-film about love, dating, the first meeting. Wedding celebration from morning to evening, made in the format of a beautiful film. Video invitation is an original mini-movie (possibly with elements of comedy), which can be sent to all guests before the wedding’s date.

Photoshoot, Green Background (Chroma key).

Professional photo shoots in the studio, indoors and outdoors. Video / photo shooting on a green background (chroma key) with the possibility of further processing (replacing the background with any other).

Video editing and Color grading.

Video editing of a material shot by our studio, as well as any other material provided, rendering, creating video effects.
Color grading - is a procedure for processing the footage to get the best image quality, what makes an image enjoyable for the perception, brighter and more saturated, or tonally painted to convey a special mood.

Professional sound.

The original music composition, specially created at our studio, will decorate the project and give it a special character, entertainment, and also help to avoid misunderstandings from the illegal use of someone's intellectual property. We will make a professional record of voice and any interview as well.

Aerial cinematography (quadrocopter).

Professional aerial cinematography using quadrocopter will certainly make your project more spectacular. Shooting from a bird's eye view is a budget alternative to heavy and expensive cranes.

About our studio.

Independent private film studio located in Almaty (Kazakhstan). A team of professionals from graduated filmmakers and cameramen, composers, stage designers, a professional light operator, a crane operator, a drone operator (quadrocopter), a film editor, a sound engineer, color grading editor, make-up artist, production designer - all of us contributes to the professional preproduction and postproduction of the project.
Having of a professional digital film/video equipment for shooting and editing, allow us to work in the formats Full HD (1920x1080) and 4K UltraHD (3840x2120, 4096x2120), as well as the program of film-industrial standard DaVinci Resolve Studio for the subsequent color grading of video material.

Human resources and equipment for rent.

Your budget does not allow you to order a professional video project? You can assemble your own team of our professionals and take the equipment for rent according to your needs!
Perhaps you are a creative person, but doubt in yourself? Then you can play the role of:
- the producer of your project: to assemble the team and rent equipment;
- the director, if you have a vision of your project;
- the cameraman, if you already have shooting experience and the feeling of composition of the frame - our equipment technician will help you to adjust the camera, you just need to press the button and say "Start!";
- can you edit the video by yourself and impose the music? Then we can professionally shoot video material.
All of this will significantly reduce the final cost of the project. Gather your team of professionals and take the equipment for rent. Pay less, participate in the creative process by yourself, it's really amazing!

We are pleased to offer you one of the low-cost options, depending on your needs and how big project is. For example, for a small business, you can choose the "Start" or "Medium" option and shoot a small video film in the form of an interview that can be placed on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. For more serious projects - "Business" and "Professional" options.


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Director - 20000₸/1shift
(Preliminary writing of screenplay - 10000₸);

Cameraman - 20000₸/1shift;

Video editing and color grading - 40000₸/1shift Digital camera BMPC 4K +
Ronin stabilizer +
Light - 60000₸/1shift
(Included: Samyang lenses, batteries, RIG, tripod, monitor);

Quadrocopter (aerial shooting) with the pilot - 20000₸/1hr
(Shooting of panoramic video/photo, fly up to 500 meters)

Recorder ZOOM H6 +
Sennheizer clip microphone +
Rode shotgun microphone - 10000₸/1shift


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Cameraman - 20000₸/1shift
Video editing and color grading - 40000₸/1shift

Canon Mark FullHD camera + Ronin stabilizer - 40000₸/1shift
(Included: Samyang/Canon lenses, RIG, tripod, monitor)

Quadrocopter (aerial shooting) with the pilot - 20000₸/1hr
(Shooting of panoramic video/photo, fly up to 500 meters)

Recorder ZOOM H6 +
Sennheizer clip microphone +
Rode shotgun microphone - 10000₸/1shift


Download >

Cameraman - 20000₸/1shift
Video editing and color grading - 30000₸/1shift

Canon Mark Full HD camera +
Flycam Junior stedicam – 20000₸/1shift
(Included: Samyang/Canon lenses, tripod, monitor)

Rode shotgun microphone - 3000₸/1shift


Download >

Cameraman - 15000₸/1shift
Video editing and color grading - 20000₸/1shift

Canon 60D Full HD camera +
Flycam Junior stedicam – 15000₸/1shift
(Included: Samyang lenses, tripod)

Rode shotgun microphone - 3000₸/1shift

You can also hire:
Art director - 15000₸/1shiftа
The second cameraman - 15000₸/1shift
Operator of light - 15000₸/1shift
Make-up artist - 10000₸/1shiftа
To rent:
Studio with a green background (chroma key) - 25000₸/1shift
Powerful workstation for editing and color grading - 15000₸/1shift
Professional crane for the camera (7-10 meter long) - 60000₸/1shift
Lighting devices Dedolight (set) - 15000₸/1shift
Reflector, slider, camera car moun, etc. - the price is negotiable
Video editing services directly on the set - 40000₸/1shift

1 shift = 8 hours

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050060, office 1,
290 Zharokova str., Almaty
Republic of Kazakhstan


Mob.: +7 702 779 2968
Mob.: +7 777 252 3663
E-mail: sanino77@mail.ru